Costa Rica RYT200 Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training August 2013

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Each of the six jungle treehouses places each guest at eye level with the forest canopy and her passing monkeys, singing tropical birds, and scented floral trees. Plenty of room to perch yourself at canopy level with your favorite book, a pair of binoculars, digital camera and a glass of fresh spring water. Screened-in open-faced walls allow for vintage viewing, excellent ventilation, and pleasurable sun and moon light. Refreshingly cool slate stone supports the ambiance to relax, recharge, and reconnect.

Onwards and upwards in your own private tropical paradise. Upstairs in the bedroom mezzanine, guest beds have an unencumbered view to the jungle.

In the spacious bathroom and private dressing area there is ample sink shelf space for each guest. And right outside is a tropical garden view solar hot water shower with great pressure and wide shower head.

All of these guest treehouses are of the same duplex townhouse design. Each side of the guest treehouse accommodates two individuals.

Each side of the duplex townhouse includes:

*17-foot open-faced screened walls
*soaring ceilings
*slate stone lounge space with two lounge chairs and coffee table
*bedroom mezzanine with two twin beds
*private dressing room with sink w/ hot water
*private toilet room
*garden-view solar hot water shower
*625 sq. feet of living space



The Sanctuary at Two Rivers takes their cuisine seriously. Good healthy food should be pleasing to the senses of sight, smell, feel, and taste, it should be crafted around the seasons and with respect to their predominant elements. We accomplish this by using Ayurvedic cooking techniques and by incorporating the best ingredients, herbs and spices. Our meals are well balanced and prepared with love and we procure and serve organic produce from local Costa Rican family farms. All of this positive energy is infused into the food and actually makes a significant difference in the digestion process.

In order for you to never have to leave our amazing property our talented chef is provided to prepare and create three unforgettable sumptuous vegetarian and/or vegan meals per day which are inspired by the world’s greatest cuisines. The chef supplies each meal’s protein by using beans, pulses, legumes, seeds and nuts, as well as dairy products from local, humanely treated cows and goats, and eggs from free-ranging chickens. We also use only whole grains and natural sweeteners. With an ever expanding orchard of over 300 various tropical fruit trees, our freshly picked organic fruits make great complements to the dining experience. This type of diet will not only produce a more lively and healthy body and mind but is the most environmentally friendly.

Food is an important aspect of attaining optimal health and wellness. What you put into your body directly affects your mind which then directs your actions. Healthy, well-prepared food allows for optimum energy so you are able to complete your actions to their fullest and finest outcomes. Buen Provecho!


How do I get there?
The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is perched in the mountain jungle of Cabuya at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, only 3 miles from Costa Rica’s first National Nature Preserve, Reserva Cabo Blanco. All guests must arrive at The Sanctuary no later than 3:00pm on arrival day; please schedule your travel accordingly.

Flying In and Out of Costa Rica at San Jose International Airport

Of the two international airports in Costa Rica, San Jose International Airport (SJO) is the most convenient airport to The Sanctuary. Frequent international flights are available at this modern airport.

For your homebound travel plan at least two hours between local air and international travel.
IMPORTANT: There is a departure tax of approximately $26 at San Jose airport when you leave Costa Rica. It needs to be paid in cash (US$ or Costa Rican Colones) or with a Visa credit card at the airport on your departure day.

Traveling In and Out from San Jose to The Sanctuary

Once you have arrived in San Jose, your flight schedule may allow you to connect with a local plane to Tambor for a 25 minute flight and then a 40 minute taxi ride to The Sanctuary.
The other option is to arrange to be driven approximately 5 hours by road and ferry from San Jose to The Sanctuary.

By Land to The Sanctuary
An option to flying, prearrange land transportation from San Jose directly to The Sanctuary via roads and a ferry that crosses Nicoya Bay to the Nicoya Peninsula.
Reliable Daily Shuttles, Private Transportation, Cab Service
Sunset & Waves
Wilfredo “Pollo” Villalobos (Speaks Excellent English)
Calls from US 011 506 8335-3417
Calls within Costa Rica 8335-3417

By Air to Tambor, then Taxi to The Sanctuary
Two local airlines offer scheduled flights and charter services to Tambor at comparable rates. The flight time is approximately 25 minutes. Sansa Airlines is conveniently located adjacent to the San Jose International Airport. Nature Air is approximately 10 miles at Pavas Airport.
Sansa Air
Nature Air

After landing in Tambor, a 40 minute taxi ride will take you from the Tambor Airport to The Sanctuary at Two Rivers.

Another Reliable Taxi Service
Gilberto (Speaks Fluent English)
Calls from US 011 506 8826-9055
Calls within Costa Rica 8826-9055

Staying the Night in San Jose

Sometimes travel and weather conditions present an opportunity to stay overnight in one of the following places, all within 5 minutes from the airport.
• Melrost Bed & Breakfast (speaks English) $
• Calls from US 011 506 2431-0909
• Calls within Costa Rica 2431-0909
• Holiday Inn Express San Jose Airport $$
• Calls from US 011 506 2443-0043
• Calls within Costa Rica 2443-0043
• Doubletree Cariari San Jose $$$
• Toll free from US 1-888-535-8832 or 1-800-948-3770
• Calls within Costa Rica 2239-002

Staying the Night in Montezuma

All guests must arrive at the Sanctuary no later than 3:00pm. If this is not possible due to unpredictable travel and weather conditions, an overnight stay in the charming, neighboring town of Montezuma is the best option.

The hotels below can also arrange taxi service for their guests arriving in the Tambor Airport and taxi service from their hotel to The Sanctuary.
• Hotel El Jardin
• Calls from US 011 506 8849-8560
• Calls within Costa Rica 8849-8560
• El Sano Banano Village Hotel & Restaurant
• Calls from US 011 506 2642-0636
• Calls within Costa Rica 2642-0636

When does the retreat end?
Our time together will end with Brunch at 11am January 11, 2013

When should I plan my return flight?
Please arrange flight departures for late afternoon on January 11, 2013

Do I need a passport?
Yes a passport is required.

Can you tell me more about the yoga studio?
It features a remarkable 1200 sqft teak floor and 25ft vaulted ceiling with an open air expansiveness.

What kind of food will be provided?
Meals will be gourmet vegetarian.

What do rooms look like?
See photos in on our facebook page or on the main retreat page.

Does The Sanctuary have WiFi?
Absolutely. And it is free to guests. While they are totally “off the grid,” decent access to internet connections are found on the property. Two wireless broadband data sticks are available for this purpose. WiFi internet is located at our base camp. These services are complimentary.
The Sanctuary has cell phones for emergency use only.

Is there swimming at The Sanctuary?
Naturally! Nearby ocean and secluded waterfalls. And of course the pool on site.

Is there surfing?
Yes. Surfing is about 1,000 yards away.

What should I bring?
• Flashlight
• Headlamp (Essential!)
• River hiking shoes (Essential! Teva, Merrill, Solomon, Keene)
• Moccasins or leather-based shoes for tracking
• Flip flops or sandals
• Journal
• Swim suits
• Towel
• Reading material
• Yoga clothes, mat, and any props you use
• Camera
• Binoculars
• Sunscreen
• Bug repellent
• Sarong
• Sun hat
• Sunglasses
• Water bottle

15 thoughts on “Costa Rica RYT200 Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training August 2013

  1. Hey I was wondering, when done with this trip will I be certified to teach or will it require anything beyond the time on the trip?
    Also if I had multiple people to sign up, is there any kind of discount? Thanks!


    • Hola Erika!
      So happy to hear from you. Yes the hours of this program as a Yoga Alliance approved teacher training program qualify you to teach upon completing 20 “non contact” practicum hours. Yoga Alliance requires 180 in contact (we do those in Costa Rica) and then 20 non contact. The practicum is below. And you should know this is my 15th time offering this program! It is limited to 12 open hearted souls who want to have fun while learning (why not hike up to a waterfall to sit and talk out in nature? Or take a break going surfing?)

      This is a celebration of life and learning! And YES for sure you would be rewarded** for referrals and other kind sign-ups. Email me at and I can tell you more. I miss you and would love to see you! Peace in all ways, Silvia

      1. Observations: Email me on the exact dates/name of teacher/location where you have completed your 5 observations. To get credit for these observations you will be required to complete a brief report (a paragraph or two but please no more for each).
      2. Assistant Teaching: Email me on the exact dates/name of teacher you assisted/location where you have completed your 5 assists. To get credit for assisting you are required to submit a paragraph report for each.
      3. Student Teaching: Email me the exact dates/location where you have teach 5 complete classes. To get credit you must submit a paragraph report for each.
      4. Karma Yoga: Email me the exact dates/location where you have taught 5 hours for FREE. To get credit you must submit a paragraph report for each.


  2. Hi! I have perhaps a strange request.

    I’m seeking a yoga teacher training in CR in August, but one that would permit my husband to be there with me. We’d share a double occupancy room, and he’d be paying for his room and board, but not the training. He would use this time for his personal retreat. He would totally respect the group energy of the training… He has joined me at other types of trainings. We’re both hand-drum and movement instructors and have been so for a looooong time. We’ve attended many trainings together, and for several he comes with me but entertains himself. The group always sees him as an asset and support from the sidelines. He’d be with us at mealtimes, etc., whenever it’s appropriate.

    We’re hoping this is a possibility…. I understand it may be an unusual request, and appreciate your consideration. If you prefer a phone interview around this inquiry, we’d be more than happy to!

    Thank you so much! 🙂

    In rhythm,


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  4. Hey Silvia,

    This looks awesome 🙂 I’m still deciding between a few retreat options, but yours is in my top 3.

    Is there a time limit to completing the PRACTICUM? I don’t want to get too hung up on this. I’d really like to get started with my qualification journey 🙂

    Best wishes


    • Hi Raj,
      Did you receive the beautiful email I sent you May 6th? I will respost here just in case. And will resend to be doubly sure. Peace in all ways, Silvia


    • Dear Raj,

      Thank you kindly for your questions about the Practicum portion of this program.

      Any program requires 20 non contact hours of Practicum. And the good news is that while together in Costa Rica we plan to complete at least 5 of those hours as part of the overall training by having everyone assist in the practice classes while we are in session. That will leave only 10-15 more hours post in room sessions.

      Generally, trainees take 3-12 months to complete the out of classroom work: karma yoga, final, asana sheets. I truly want everyone to work at their own pace without any extra pressure. I also want to let you know that the benefit of being in residence for this program is that you have fewer distractions so there is no reason why most of this couldn’t be completed in an easeful way while we are together.

      Here is a link to the photo album with lots of views of the gorgeous Zen Modern Treehouses (Townhome style) accommodations. They have been written up in lots of magazines including the New York Times as they are gorgeous and eco too!

      The program includes all lodging, food, training, excursions, etc. We will be learning from nature as much as we are in the studio 🙂

      AND it includes on-going mentoring. This is my 16th offering of this training program and I never stop serving you. I have students all over the world and we have a heart connection that lasts forever. I am here as a consultant post program which is just as important as during.

      Please let me know what questions I can answer. I would be so happy to have you with us! It is an incredible tribe that is forming. And don’t hesitate to let me know if you need something from me to help with the forms or application process.

      With deep gratitude, peace in all ways,

      Attachments 1, 2, 3 as were photos sent via email 🙂


  5. Hi Sylvia, I’m curious if the pre-requisite reading is something we do at home before joining you, or do you recommend bringing these books with us? Your program looks ideal 🙂


    • Hola and Namaste Skye!
      I will send you 3 documents via email:
      1. application
      2. detailed schedule
      3. the format of the program

      Yes, we can’t bring all the books, so the recommendation will be to read what you can before coming. And I will ask you to bring just 2 books to CR to have with you. The order of the reading suggested is: Living Your Yoga; Moving into Stillness as the first 2 books.

      This is such a special program. We are filling our last spot. So do apply 🙂

      Peace in all ways,


  6. Hello! I’ve been browsing your website for quite some time. You have a beautiful property. I am interested in your Teacher Training from July 31-August 18 2013. Are there still spaces available? I read in a previous post the class has a maximum of 12. That great! Also, I’m wondering if the yoga space is open air or enclosed? I LOVE this area of Costa Rica!
    Thanks for your time!


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