Bali Yoga Retreat September 22-29, 2013: The Art of Adventure

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• Do I need a visa to visit Bali?
Yes, depending on your nationality. U.S. passport holders will need to show a passport valid for six months after the arrival date in Bali, a return ticket and $25USD (in exact change) for a 30 day visa. Visa regulations have been in flux in Bali for almost a decade so it is recommended that you check with your consulate for the most up to date information.

• What airport do I fly into?
Make all travel arrangements into Denpasar (DPS). Please be aware that you will need to depart the US one to two days before the start of the retreat, depending on the flight schedule you chose.

• How do I get from Denpasar to the retreat?
Transfers are included via private transport. If you have any questions regarding your arrival time and transportation availability, please contact Alchemy Tours ( before booking. Occasionally flights arrive into Denpasar in the early morning hours (1-5am) which can make timely transfers difficult.

• What is the electrical currency/outlet in Bali?
Bali utilizes the standard British plug (two flat blades and one flat grounding blade) and the European plug (two round pins) and is at 230V. Adapters will be necessary if you are taking any electrical items.

• Do I need any inoculations?
Generally speaking, traveling to foreign countries exposes you to new germs and diseases. All inoculations or malaria tablet inquiries need to be directed to your physician for an accurate assessment of your individual need or preference.

• Is there internet access on property?
While we hope you’ll try and unplug… yes, there is wi-fi on property.

• What will the weather be like?
Because of it’s equatorial location, Bali tends to have fairly stable weather with the ‘wet’ season occurring between October and April and the ‘dry’ season between May and September. It is generally always hot with temperatures hovering in the mid to high 80s and up.

• Will I need to ‘dress’ for dinner?
The dress code is completely up to you. It is very warm well into the evenings so dress for comfort over fashion. There is no ‘dress code’ in this relaxed and kicked-back atmosphere.

• How do I book an optional excursion?
All excursions can be booked at the retreat at any time during your stay. If there is something that you know you absolutely MUST experience while in Bali, it’s best to book early in the week to avoid disappointment.

• What are some handy words to know?
Good morning: Selamat pagi
Good mid-day: Selamat siang
Good evening: Selamat malam
Good-bye: Selamat tinggal (if you’re leaving)/Selamat jalan (someone is leaving you)
Yes: Ya
No: Tidak
Thank you: Terima kasi
You’re welcome: Kembali or sama-sama
How are you?: Apa kabar?
What is this / that?: Apa?
Very good: Baik juga!
Please: Silakan
Careful: Hati-hati!
One more: Satu lagi
Finished: Habis
Bill, please: Minta bon
Excuse me: Permisi or ma’af
Doesn’t matter: Tidak apa-apa
(Note: letter ‘c’ pronounced as ‘ch’)
Do you speak English: Bisa bicara Bahasa Inggris?
I don’t speak Indonesian: Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.
I don’t understand: Saya tidak mengerti.
Where are you from?: Dari mana?
I am from America: Saya dari Amerika.
How long have you been in Bali?: Sudah lama di Bali sini?
I have been in Bali for…: Saya sudah di Bali…..
What is your name?: Siapa nama anda?
My name is….: Nama saya……..
What time is it?: Jam berapa?
Where are you going?: Ke mana?
Turn left / right / straight / stop: Belok kiri / belok kanan / terus / stop
Where is the bathroom?: Di mana kamar kecil?
Where…?: Di mana?
kantor pos = post office
kantor polisi = police station
toko = shop
bank = bank
kamar saya = my room
WC (way-say) = toilet
kamar mandi = bathroom
Currency / Exchange Rate: $1 US dollar = 8,675 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
Can you help me?: Bisa bantu saya?
I want…: Saya mau…
I want this: Saya mau ini.
I would like: Saya minta
I don’t want it: Saya tidak mau
Do you have?: Ada?
I like: Saya suka
How much / many?: Berapa?
How much?: Berapa harga?
Too expensive: Terlalu mahal
Cheap: Murah
1 = satu
2 = dua
3 = tiga
4 = empat
5 = lima
6 = enam
7 = tujuh
8 = delapan
9 = sembilan
10 = sepuluh
More Numbers
11 = sebelas
12 = dua belas
13 = tiga belas
18 = delapan belas
20 = dua puluh
21 = dua puluh satu
22 = dua puluh dua
30 = tiga puluh
57 = lima puluh tujuh
100 = seratus
104 = seratus empat
135 = seratus tiga puluh lima
200 = dua ratus
1000 = seribu
2500 = dua ribu lima ratus
10 000 = sepuluh ribu
15 576 = lima belas ribu lima ratus tujuh puluh enam
1 000 000 = satu juta
3 500 000 = tiga juta lima ratus ribu

8 thoughts on “Bali Yoga Retreat September 22-29, 2013: The Art of Adventure

  1. Hello my lovely friends!

    Can you please reserve me a room (single queen/king with a private bath/shower? Let me know if you need me to select the room if there are choices. Or if you feel comfortable selecting the one that you think I’ll like best, please go ahead. I’m sure all rooms are magnificent.

    I want lots of flower pedals too 🙂 I have the time off at work so I’m ready to roll around in a bed of flowers and play with monkeys.

    Please let me know how much the deposit – happy to place it now.


    • Hi LeAnn!

      So very stoked that you are joining us!! We have sold out of our rooms with private bath, but all of the rooms are quite lovely. I’ll give you a call so we can discuss more details, and I can send you an invoice for the deposit. So excited to have you join us (and I am ordering extra flower petals for your room, too!!)



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  4. Hello there

    Is there any chance on getting the information for this session emailed through to me as the links for Itinerary and What’s Included etc are not working for me.

    Thanks 🙂


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  6. Hello,
    Wondering if there are still double rooms available? My friend and I would very much like to take part in the second week in September but are looking to put a deposit down in March. Can you please let me know?


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