Costa Rica Yoga & Surfing New Years Retreat Jan 5-11, 2014

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• Three Delicious Gourmet Vegetarian Meals Daily
7 days accommodations in Tropical Zen Modern Treehouse
• Two yoga classes per day: 1 detoxifying morning practice and 1 evening slow flow.
• Trip to Tortuga Island for snorkeling, island adventure
• Daily meditation
• Night Pool Yoga with underwater LED lights
• Moonwalks led by Jacob Young
• Dance Party & Movie Nights
• Fire Ceremony/Practice (ritual to remove blockages)
• Partner Yoga with Jacob Young and Silvia Mordini
• Restorative Yoga
• Spanish language class
• Free Internet Access
• Safe tap water
• Excursions to Waterfalls and Pacific Ocean Sandy Beaches
• Trip to Hermosa Beach for fun times surfing (optional)
• Time for Exploration and Relaxation
• Eco-Friendly Goodie Bags
• Costa Rican Taxes are included (13%)


Each of the six jungle treehouses places each guest at eye level with the forest canopy and her passing monkeys, singing tropical birds, and scented floral trees. Plenty of room to perch yourself at canopy level with your favorite book, a pair of binoculars, digital camera and a glass of fresh spring water. Screened-in open-faced walls allow for vintage viewing, excellent ventilation, and pleasurable sun and moon light. Refreshingly cool slate stone supports the ambiance to relax, recharge, and reconnect.

Onwards and upwards in your own private tropical paradise. Upstairs in the bedroom mezzanine, guest beds have an unencumbered view to the jungle.

In the spacious bathroom and private dressing area there is ample sink shelf space for each guest. And right outside is a tropical garden view solar hot water shower with great pressure and wide shower head.

All of these guest treehouses are of the same duplex townhouse design. Each side of the guest treehouse accommodates two individuals.

Each side of the duplex townhouse includes:

*17-foot open-faced screened walls
*soaring ceilings
*slate stone lounge space with two lounge chairs and coffee table
*bedroom mezzanine with two twin beds
*private dressing room with sink w/ hot water
*private toilet room
*garden-view solar hot water shower
*625 sq. feet of living space



The Sanctuary at Two Rivers takes their cuisine seriously. Good healthy food should be pleasing to the senses of sight, smell, feel, and taste, it should be crafted around the seasons and with respect to their predominant elements. We accomplish this by using Ayurvedic cooking techniques and by incorporating the best ingredients, herbs and spices. Our meals are well balanced and prepared with love and we procure and serve organic produce from local Costa Rican family farms. All of this positive energy is infused into the food and actually makes a significant difference in the digestion process.

In order for you to never have to leave our amazing property our talented chef is provided to prepare and create three unforgettable sumptuous vegetarian and/or vegan meals per day which are inspired by the world’s greatest cuisines. The chef supplies each meal’s protein by using beans, pulses, legumes, seeds and nuts, as well as dairy products from local, humanely treated cows and goats, and eggs from free-ranging chickens. We also use only whole grains and natural sweeteners. With an ever expanding orchard of over 300 various tropical fruit trees, our freshly picked organic fruits make great complements to the dining experience. This type of diet will not only produce a more lively and healthy body and mind but is the most environmentally friendly.

Food is an important aspect of attaining optimal health and wellness. What you put into your body directly affects your mind which then directs your actions. Healthy, well-prepared food allows for optimum energy so you are able to complete your actions to their fullest and finest outcomes. Buen Provecho!


To make your reservation, go to book now page to place $500 deposit. If you have questions, please email or call 872-228-9642 (2AT-YOGA)

4 thoughts on “Costa Rica Yoga & Surfing New Years Retreat Jan 5-11, 2014

  1. Silva and Jacob:

    Hello. Silvia I hope you are on the road to health and healing. I believe I have a $500 credit from the Bali trip I had to cancel because of work commitments. I would like to apply the credit to the Costa Rica Retreat January 5-11, 2014. I’m interested in a single occupancy room if available. Thank you so much.

    Peace and love,



    • Hola Gail,
      This is awesome news! You will fall in love with Costa Rica and The Sanctuary. Magical place, beautiful architecture, foodie delights, and water water sunshine! For sure we have your spot saved, will send you an email today. Perfect. Love to you!


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