Xinalani Mexico Embrace Your Purpose: Transform Your Life Yoga Retreat Mar 29 – Apr 5, 2014

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Where is the yoga space?
The yoga space is a 1,300 sq ft palm thatched room set on top of the hill. A short rejuvenating walk in the jungle will take you there, and warm you up before practice.

How many people fit in the Open Yoga Studio?
The Yoga Studio can host comfortably up to 40 people.

Is the yoga space totally open?
The Jungle Yoga Studio has 4 walls built for handstand and headstand asana practice. The corners of the room are open to the elements, to enjoy the beauty of the jungle and the ocean while practicing. IMG_7333However, no risk of falling thanks to the wooden railing.

How many people fit in the Hot Yoga Studio?
The heated Hot Yoga Studio can host comfortably up to 25 people.

Is the yoga space totally closed?
The Hot Yoga Studio is an enclosed building with panoramic views of the ocean.

Do you have mats, props, etc?
The Yoga studio has a wide array of sticky yoga mats, as well as blankets, blocks, stripes, meditation cushions, and chairs.

Do I need to bring my yoga mat?
It is up to you, mats will be available.


Is the beach swimmable? Is it safe to swim?
Yes the beach is swimmable and safe.

Is the beach sandy or rocky?
We are very fortunate at Xinalani because we have immediate access to two wonderful beaches. The one in front of the resort has both sand and great inspiring animal-shaped rocks. It also has private natural coves.
 The other beach on the left-hand side when facing the ocean is pure sand. That beach gets a very nice surf break in the winter, surfers enjoy that beach a lot.

Are there long chairs and umbrellas on the beach?
Yes, Xinalani has a nice beach club with long chairs, and umbrellas. Ask our waiters for the Bar Menu, and enjoy our special cocktails, while relaxing.


We need animal protein; we like to eat meat, is that possible at Xinalani?
IMG_7307Yes, if advised with enough anticipation, we can include chicken in your menu, as well as fresh fish, and seafood, or even red meat if you like. Please note that there might be a supplement.

We are vegan, raw foodist, etc? How’s your menu?
Although we try to cater to mainstream yogis (vegetarian, vegan, raw, live superfoods), the food is totally adaptable to our guest’s needs, please send us your specifics at least two weeks before your arrival.
Ask us for a sample of our Menu to have an idea of what we cook.

I’m allergic to gluten, mushrooms, peanuts, etc..
We can help you, let us know of your food allergy 2 weeks at least before your arrival to the retreat, and we’ll make sure your diet restrictions will be catered to.

Is there electricity in the rooms?
Yes, all rooms have very low consumption LED spots that give a nice dim ambar lighting at night time, there’s also a reading area.
There are two 110 V outlets to plug cameras, cell phones and battery chargers. Xinalani does not allow the use of hair dryers or other high intensity electric devices that could damage the electric installation.

Do rooms all have their own bathroom?
Yes, all rooms have their own bathroom, the Big Palapa (dorm) has two bathrooms.

Can I use my own soap and shampoo?
In an eco-friendly effort, we recycle all water for irrigation so we kindly ask you to use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos. The ones we provide you with are all organic and biodegradable.


What’s the weather like?
If you wish to know the average temperatures and rain statistics, please visit this page: Or run a Google search with the words Weather+Puerto+Vallarta


What about bugs and mosquitoes?
There are very little bugs and mosquitoes (except during the rain season which is July to September). If you are worried about bugs, rest assured that you will feel protected at night by the splendid veils on top of the beds. Most public areas at night are lighten by lemongrass candles that repel bugs, and if you need an extra protection, you can purchase eco-friendly mosquito repellent from our boutique.


What is the cost of massages?
From $70 to $130

What other activities are available at the resort and what are their costs?
There’s a wide array of activities available from the resort, surfing, snorkeling, eco-discovery boat Excursions to remote beaches and islands, or simply lying on the beach. The prices for activities are around $50 per person

Do you have wine on the property or do we have to bring our own?
Yes, we serve wine, beer, and a selection of delicious fresh hand shaken, stirred or mixed cocktails.

How’s the surf?
Quimixto is a very nice left surf break, perfect for intermediate riders.
To get frequently updated surf reports and swell statistics, please visit or any other qualified swell forecast website.

What else do I need to bring?
We recommend you bring a camera, a journal, toiletries, an extra pair of contacts if you wear them, sunglasses and sunscreen. For hiking, be sure to have a lightweight backpack to carry your personal belongings.


5 thoughts on “Xinalani Mexico Embrace Your Purpose: Transform Your Life Yoga Retreat Mar 29 – Apr 5, 2014

  1. Hi,

    This is my first yoga retreat! I’m planning on going to Xinalani with my 17 year old daughter for March 29. Is there still space? I’d like to book the Eco-chic room for us, so it would be $4200?

    Thanks for your help,


    • Hola Natalie,
      We are so happy to have you both on our retreat! We have sent you a confirmation congratulations and look forward to any questions you have. Also note you will be receiving occasional emails from us to help you be fully prepared and excited!


      Peace to you,
      Alchemy Tours: Silvia, Casey, Jake


  2. Hi Silvia/Casey, I would really like to join you on this retreat. I saw that you’re advertising a 10% discount for the big palapa, but it’s still listed as $1350 when I go to purchase it, so I’m not sure how to go about booking. Should I just select the $500 deposit option and pay the rest later? Please let me know.


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