Paris & Provence Couples Yoga Retreat 2014

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Who is this trip for?
pariscoffeeThis retreat is for open hearted adventurous couples of all ages and walks of life. Please come prepared with a receiving mind, gentle heart and sense of humor. The tone of the week will be safe and relaxing and participation in any activity always optional. This retreat is all about having fun and enjoying one another as partners as well as a journey of self-discovery into our stories in an authentic way.

How do I get there?

What is the Yoga like?
CHAKRA VINYASA FLOW: Experience dynamic vinyasa flow yoga designed to promote balance and take the adventurous yogi to a deeper level of self-awareness. Using 7 specially focused Salutations related to each of the 7 Chakras we will learn how to unblock all mental & physical barriers so we can manifest the best life ever!

Through the ancient study of the chakras—conduits of energy—we will promote self-healing through harmony of heart, mind and body. This is an ideal way to discover how stress, family history, unresolved emotions, past traumas, and bad habits can cause your chakras to become energetically blocked. Learning about your chakras enables you to use Yoga Psychology and apply abstract concepts to your life in practical ways. Once you understand how your emotional expression affects your behavior, you can become un-stuck. You will be empowered to make better choices based on your right to feel, to love, to see, to speak, to understand. This way, you can attract the energy you want!


Details coming soon.


To make your reservation, go to book now page to place $500 deposit. If you have questions, please email or call 872-228-9642 (2AT-YOGA)

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