4 Things You Didn't Know About Sunflowers

One of our favorite things is seeing people’s reactions when we first come upon a Sun Flower filed driving through Tuscany in June. Everyone becomes a kid again!

The immediate joy, curiosity and light heartedness brings our car to a stop so we can all run around the sun flower field. It is marvelous and inspires happiness in all.

Here are 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Sunflowers.

1. How much does 1 cup of shelled sunflower kernels weigh?

1 cup = 8 oz (volume) = 4.2 oz (kernel by weight)

2. What is the height of the tallest sunflower?

A sunflower grown in the Netherlands holds the record for being the tallest sunflower in the world. It measured 25 feet, 5.4 inches. (Source: 2004 Guinness World Records)

3. What is the record for the most sunflower heads on one sunflower plant?

According to the 2004 Guinness World Records, a sunflower grown in Michigan had 837 heads on one plant.

4. What size is the largest sunflower head on record?

That honor belongs to a 32 inch (82 cm) sunflower head that grew in British Columbia. (Source: 2004 Guinness World Records)

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