Airport Yoga Workout: Feet, Ankles, Calves

All that walking through airports makes our lower legs really tired. Here is a great routine to do to alleviate fatigue.


Extension / flexion

While sitting up straight extend one leg and cross it over the other: ankle over knee so it hangs off, point and flex your toes.


Now do circles with your ankles, trying to get as wide a circle as possible. Don’t forget to do both directions!


Now stand up.

Extension / flexion

Lift your heels and put them down, repeat

Lift your heels and bend your knees in tip toe chair and go slightly up and down, hold, then heels down, straighten legs up to standing Mountain

Foot pressing

Stand near a wall and bring your right foot forward and put the ballmount of your foot on the wall, with your heel still on the floor

Now try to push your ballmount into the wall to feel a stretch in your calf to your comfort

PS – when you get to your hotel room, practice legs up the wall pose

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