Airport Yoga Workout: Shoulder Openers

While waiting at the airport why not make the most of your time and practice some yoga? One of my favorites is to do some shoulder openers in preparation for all the time that we’ll be on board rounded over.

Find a spot with a little bit of wall space.

Bring your hands on the wall shoulder distance apart, halfway down the wall

Walk your feet 3 feet back from wall you are facing and holding

This is Half Downward Dog with wall (so your hands don’t get dirty touching the floor)

Stay here and breath.

Add a Vinyasa:

Inhale lift your chest and press your hips towards wall like an Upward Dog

Exhale press back to Downward Dog with wall

Repeat 5-7 times

Now walk towards wall hands still on wall, bend your elbows like Chatarunga while standing

Turn your feet to the right and feel the twist

Turn back to center

Turn your feet to the left and feel the twist

Now face away from the wall and wrap one arm under the other for Eagle arms

Inhale lift your elbows

Exhale lower your elbows

This flosses your shoulders to relieve stress

End with yoga mudra. Stand tall reach your hands behind the small of your back to clasp. Hold and breath.

Vinyasa: Inhale lift up to center; Exhale bring your hands to one side of your waist, Inhale back to center, Exhale to the other side, Inhale back to center

Ahhhh all better now!

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