What Kind of Yoga Do We Practice On Retreat?

While on retreat we get an opportunity to try out all sorts of different yoga. Some of the key areas we include:

Partner Yoga Practice
This is where two people practice poses together. A key yogic philosophy is that we are all one, so through partner yoga we establish this connection and support for one another. You will get to experience this in a number of ways including; vinyasa flow sequences with a partner, partner balance poses, some acro-yoga where one partner supports the other and some guided thai massage techniques. Partner yoga is suitable for all levels.

Inversion Practice
Often times in regular 60 minute classes there isn’t much time to really delve deep into the family of inversion poses. It is more than just going upside down. There are a number of physical benefits but even beyond that the psychological benefit if simply experiencing life from a different perspective pays forward forever. We will safely explore inversions such as headstand, handstand, forearm balance and shoulderstand. There will be modifications for everyone and we will work at our own pace.

Meditation Practice
We will explore various styles of meditation together.
• Silent meditation
• Guided meditations seated and in savasana
• Active Movement Meditations: yoga poses linked with breath.
• Kriya yoga: repeated movement as form of japa meditation
• Teaching stories: Readings from various eclectic traditions related to meditation.
• Student interactions and sharing.
• Breath Control: Techniques designed to enhance our ability to be alert, sensitive and observant
• Journaling

Journaling Your Yoga
You will receive a personal journal. We will offer guided journaling exercises and encourage you to journal on your own as well. You will be guided through chakra/journaling exercises as well to help you see your own answers.

Manifestation Yoga Practice
You create your reality. A simple concept, yet one that is difficult to remember.
While holding a difficult pose, we often create a story in our mind. Through the power of meditation, we calm our minds and harness the power of our ~60,000 thoughts per day. From this peaceful place, we can more clearly see the inner messages that reveal themselves about life’s direction. Meditation leads the way to the strength of manifestation.

In Manifestation Creation, we take this one step further: “To hold an image in our mind increases the possibility that it will materialize.” Think about that. Say it aloud, write it down, repeat it. If you see something in your mind, you will manifest it. But if you don’t know how to harness the power of your mind into that image and stay with it, then you water down the opportunity to tap into your greatest potential.

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