What Does The Press Have to Say about Costa Rica Retreat Center?

Hey you guys it is not everyday where you fine a special place founded in love and sincerity like the hosts of our Costa Rica Summer Yoga Retreat August 11-18, 2012. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a unique find and we are deeply honored to be one of the first one’s to bring a group of 12 select yogis for an intimate retreat. Here is what the Press has to say about them and some Testimonials. See more at http://www.thesanctuarycostarica.com

“…this Jewel of the Jungle.” ~ Dr. Robert Svoboda

“…it gives me great pleasure to recommend and support Jeff in his future endeavors.” ~ Shiva Rea

“…The stay was transformative… There is no need to go elsewhere.” ~ Terra Green Gold

“…Jeff displayed a truly unique and compassionate approach to the business side of Yoga.” ~ Erich Schiffmann

“…The luxurious guest houses, yoga pagoda and swimming pool are nestled deep in the natural beauty of the Costa Rican jungle..” ~ Ryan Scott Seaman

“…The Sanctuary is a profound place for healing.” ~ Jaycee Gossett

“…Had an extraordinary, life-changing week at the Sanctuary. Truly. This place is magical…” ~ Peter Paige

“…A week at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers refreshed my heart, mind and body straight from my arrival…” ~ Sunnie Brook Jones

A Favorite Testimonial:
The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is verily a place of refuge, a haven of rest, a secure port in a stormy world, an oasis of fecundity. I have been fortunate to have visited the property on numerous occasions during the past seven years of her gestation, watching the process of her conception, development, and birth, and have personally witnessed the dedication that Perrey and Jeff have shown in their determination to develop The Sanctuary into a retreat that is worthy of the name. They, as sincere stewards of this Jewel of the Jungle, offer a warm welcome to any sincere seeker who wishes to enjoy The Sanctuary’s unique charms; and I, as a repeatedly satisfied guest, can recommend this Pearl of the Nicoya Peninsula to anyone who has a heartfelt wish to experience the true bounty of the earth, to experience life as Nature intended us to live it. ”

Dr. Robert Svoboda
Ayurvedic Doctor, Author, Lecturer, Teacher on the subjects of
ayurveda, jyotish, Tantra, and Eastern religion

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