Useful Websites If You Are Traveling to Italy

These are useful websites to help you do some at home research before your trip to Italy. The more time you invest in learning about the culture, history, food, wine, language, landscape the more you will get out of your trip. | The Italian Government Tourism Board site provides detailed information on traveling in Italy. | A comprehensive site from to vacationing in Italy, it includes everything from hotel and restaurant information to national news and regional information. | A helpful site for all things Tuscan! Detailed information on every aspect of a visit to the region, with well-organized sections and helpful links to other sites. | A great web site offering a wide range of information for the Siena region. Read up on the places you will visit on the trip and learn about the region. | The web site of the European Travel Commission with practical information about traveling in Europe as well as links to some commercial booking services.

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