Why Community on a Yoga Retreat Can Effect your Happiness

According to New York Times bestselling author, Dan Buettner, in his book THRIVE there are 6 key things he discovered as the keys to personal happiness. While on a yoga retreat we really concentrate on a number of these 6 factors. Today would like to talk about the importance of Community on a wellness holiday. When interviewed in the past what one thing stands out the most on retreat I have responded, “I am always humbled by the ways our small tribes of Alchemy Tours grow fond of one another and unconditionally supportive of each others growth. In the corporate world we used to talk about teaming together, but you wouldn’t often really see it. Experiencing the loving group dynamic gives me great hope that little by little all people everywhere will one day be able to share this same yoga, or union of spirit and respect.”

Mr Buettner says Social Life is one of the six key contributors to happiness. He writes, “The happiest Americans report 7-8 hours of social interaction a day–face time, not Facebook. Joining a club that meets just once per month can have an effect on your happiness equivalent to doubling your salary.” While on retreat you are in contact with like-minded, interesting people that support your personal growth through on-going interaction.

And it doesn’t end with the time spent together there. As one of our Tuscany clients said, “The retreat helped in so many different ways, as well as opening up some amazing new friendships. I felt like a totally new person afterwards.” Anyone that has been on retreat will tell you the same thing, the social aspect of supportive community goes on and life-long connections are formed. And the key difference is that this social interaction is face-to-face NOT facebook (as our Italian host Franz would tell us at Ebbio).

If you are looking to make new friends, enliven your communication skills and gain insight into yourself go on retreat this year. Consider joining us in Costa Rica August 11-18, 2012 which Dan Buettner describes as a “Blue Zone” and experience the benefits of community yourself!

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