Why Yoga Retreats Change Your Life

When a group of high-intentioned individuals make the decision to gather together in a breathtaking natural environment for the purpose of uplifting their lives & expanding their consciousness something magical and mystical happens. The result is something beyond words. It is, as best as I can explain it, the Alchemy of Yoga at its best.

In a nutshell here are 3 Reasons Why Yoga Retreats Change Your Life:

1. TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS FASTER…Something happens while on a yoga retreat that breaks the bonds of ordinary awareness and expands the consciousness of each individual to a level that would otherwise would have taken months or years of ordinary living to attain. This acceleration of evolution is mystical, meaning that the explanation of the change is beyond logic and reason. The term from quantum physics,“quantum leap”, comes to mind. A quantum leap means “a phenomena where an electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom changes its position without having traversed the space between its old and new orbit and without taking any time to do so. As scientifically verifiable as this phenomena is, it is also on the order of a miracle, for science has no explanation how this effect happens.” Yeah, that is exactly what happens on retreat.

2. DEEP RELAXATION AND REJUVENATION…This is the main reason people come to Yoga retreats. You have a complete break from your daily responsibilities and the impediments of a constantly fast paced lifestyle. You come into a situation where space is held for you to feel safe and nurtured. Your body, mind and spirit can really let go and soak up a beautiful relaxing environment, giving you the opportunity for the true you to come to the surface. The stressed out you is just covering up who you really are. As a result most participants experience a deeper level of contentment and harmony within themselves. Your spirit will feel rejuvenated! Taking the time to deeply relax and rejuvenate often has the longest term benefits even months later. Until we remember to remember what it is like to feel really relaxed it is difficult to know this is a destination we want to return to. But once we find it again our natural GPS will guide us back to this feeling as a form of celebration and rejuvenation even once you’re back in your regular routine.

3. BREAK OLD HABITS…By making a complete break from your daily life, unplugging from the pulls and pushes of technology and engaging in healthy activities you are in an excellent environment to release unwanted habits. Some of these habits include detoxing the physical body by lessening the amount of alcohol or coffee you drink or improving your diet with locally grown organic freshly prepared meals as well as increasing physical activity through twice daily yoga and hiking, cycling, surfing and more. The breaking of mental bonds and emotional detox is also a fundamental benefit of going on retreat. Healing can only take place once we are relaxed and in a new environment old emotional paradigms emerge so we can see our mental habits as the samskaras or unhealthy habits they have become. From there our ecology of mind evolves and while on retreat we reset the internal dialogue to one of positive intention with an eye to moving forward. Also it’s powerful to surround yourself with people who don’t know the encyclopedia of your past. They see you as you really are and intend to be going forward. This helps to reinforce your willingness to change for the better. Even upon departing the retreat new friendships, life long friendships are formed with like minded people who will support your growth and your new lifestyle choices.

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