Are You Tired? Get your Energy Back

We all have some old outfit, pair of jeans, old shoes, t-shirt that we just can’t seem to part with but know it’s time to retire them. The same goes with our energy. At times, our internal energy needs a thorough cleaning. And an especially great time to do this is as we approach Spring, less than a month away March 21, 2012. So this year instead of carrying around old, tattered energy into a new season why not give yourself an Energy Makeover and make it the best year ever?

    Key ways yoga helps get our energy back include:

*Improving our emotional well-being.

*Reducing anxiety.

*Restoring our ability to sleep soundly.

*Refreshing our spirt.

*Triggering the relaxation response, the antidote to the stress response.

A great pose to practice for a mini “Energy Makeover” is Savasana. It restores your energy more than sleep!

During the deep relaxation pose of savasana (corpse pose), one systematically relaxes every part of the body, even suggesting that the brain itself is “relaxed.” During conscious relaxation, thoughts are experienced more as an energy, which is associated with the brain than as the sum total of who we are. We have thoughts, but those thoughts no longer take over our bodies and minds at large — triggering tension, anxiety or other responses. Yoga teaches us that consciousness and thoughts are not the same thing. When we are relaxed we are able to let the thoughts flow through us without dancing away with them to the past or the future. We remain conscious, allowing the thoughts to come through us, but we learn not to interact with them. We can say to ourselves, “Oh, there’s another thought of dinner, or of person ‘X’ or of fear about tomorrow’s meeting.” Then we can let go of that thought and return to the relaxation at hand. When we see where and how we are leaking energy in fighting our thoughts then we can stop the leaks and Makeover our Energy. Lover yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

PS If you’re looking for a way to really refresh and recharge consider joining us on a Yoga Retreat, Wellness Adventure. Book yourself a trip in 2012 to Sonoma, Tuscany, Hawaii, Mexico, San Juan Islands, Bali!

    ABOUT SILVIA MORDINI, E-RYT, lululemon Ambassador, Life Coach, Teacher Trainer

Enthusiasm to love your life is contagious around Silvia. Her expert passion connects people to their own joyful potential. Silvia lives her happiness in such a big way that you can’t help but leave her classes, workshops, trainings and retreats spiritually uplifted!

Being a citizen of the world and spiritual adventurer is in her blood. Born in Ecuador, raised traveling around the world she is an enthusiastic friend gatherer who loves to discuss happiness psychology, poetry, music, books, travel and philosophy. She is a long-time love anthropologist and humble student of life who enjoys meeting interesting people, spiritual seekers, soul surfers and most anyone who makes her laugh.
Silvia currently resides in Seattle where she makes yoga approachable and inspiring for everyone. Her focus is on bringing more fun on the mat with the hope that how we practice our yoga becomes how we live our life. As an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with over 9,000 hours of yoga teaching experience who has been practicing yoga over the last 15 years after being run over by a car and using it to recover physically and emotionally.

Silvia is the creator of Alchemy of Yoga, a nationally recognized RYT200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Self-Study) Program in its 12 cycle. She owned a successful, well-loved Chicagoland yoga studio for 9 years. Silvia writes regularly for along with producing her “Loving Your Day” videos and Love Your Life yoga blog. She is a proud lululemon ambassador, life coach and Manduka ambassador, who offers popular workshops on Living Your Yoga, Chakra Vinyasa, Hip-Hop Yoga, Yoga and Journaling, Ayurveda, Meditation and Manifestation. Silvia and her partner also lead Spiritual Adventure Yoga Retreats Nationally and Internationally through Alchemy Tours.

Silvia can be reached:
Web: or
Email at
Twitter @alchemytours
Facebook Silvia Mordini (

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