What to Drink in Aruba

From this website with much gratitude: http://www.aruba.com/ExploreAruba/Culture/language.aspx

Aruba’s “Balashi Cocktail”
AWA (Papiamento: water) is a clear, refreshing liquid in the blue-labeled bottle. Aruba has some of the best-tasting drinking water on the planet. The desalination process utilizing coral rock as filters takes place at WEB NV (Water and Electricity Bureau) located in Balashi. This results in the fresh water that flows directly from the tap and is also bottled.

Balashi Beer
Balashi is Aruba’s national beer, produced in a fully-automated brewery with cutting edge technology. Built in 1998 at a cost of about US $ 12 million, the state-of-the-art facility is equipped with special computer software from Germany that controls the quality of the brew during the entire process. The beer is a deep golden color and easy on the foam. It has a soft bitterness, an aroma of fresh hops and a short aftertaste.

Palmera Rum
Palmera Quality Products imports raw materials for rum and other alcoholic beverages and uses their own formulas for blending. They have the most extensive line of locally bottled products sold on Aruba, include including rum, the top selling brand whiskey, gin, vodka, brandy, Canadian whiskey, bourbon, tequila and seven different flavors of liqueur including the Palmera, Bon Bini and Taste of Aruba labels. Grenadine is bottled in red, green and blue colors.

Sea Grape Wine
The island’s low-lying sea grape trees produce a surprisingly sweet, rich purple grape known as “druif” used in creating a unique Aruban wine. Produced on a small scale, it is often served on special occasions.

Coecoei & Ponche Crema
Playa Liquor & Bottling Company produces coecoei, a deep red alcoholic beverage used in many tropical cocktails. The recipe is centuries old, originally made by an Indian tribe of Venezuela and introduced on Aruba some sixty years ago. Leaves of the agave or century plant (Papiamento: kukwisa) are squeezed to produce a red sap that is then mixed with rum and cane sugar. Ponche crema is a creamy, smooth and refreshing beverage made of egg yolks, cream, rum, and a variety of spices.

Aruban Drink Recipes
Aruba Ariba
Bu Bu

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