Why in Italy Nobody Takes Light for Granted

“It is dark. Eyes closed, we lie as if asleep, dreamless, ignorant of all around us. Floating in a sea of emptimenss, we are cradled in darkness – unseeing, unknowing, at peace. We breath slowly, in and out, in and out, stretching and relaxing our bodes as we settle into the warm, peaceful darkness inside. We are home. We are safe. We are deep within ourselves, feeling, hearing, being – but not seeing.

Somewhere in the darkness, we hear a sounds a distant note, a voice, a scuffle of movement. We feel the flutter of a breeze upon our face, feel a warmth upon our shoulders, feel the pull to rise and flow and follow but we know not where. Our bodies cannot see and dare not move. They are dark and still. They call to use for direction, wisdom, guidance. They call to intelligence, they call to memory, they call for clarification of the pattern. They call to light.” By Anodea Judith, Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

There is something remarkable about the light in Italy. Anyone that has ever visited will tell you the same. To think that the only entertainment you need is to sit and watch the light change minute by minute, hour by hour is one of my favorite forms of meditation. Add to it a great glass of wine, good company and it’s just perfect.

“Certainly, in Italy, nobody takes light for granted.” – Barbara Steele

It’s true, in Italy nobody takes the light for granted. This is one clear reason I have found so much healing in Tuscany. Every time I’ve stepped off the plane in Florence, opened my eyes to the light, and immediately felt relief from the heaviness in my mind. Even now so many years into my daily yoga practice I can easily fall prey to over-thinking and the mental darkness that results. Putting myself in Italy once a year helps me to remember the light (just like stepping on the mat everyday connects us to our 6th Chakra of internal light).

I want to stay clear and lighthearted. I really do. But I am still undoing a lifetime of catastrophic practice. And the work of illuminating my mind is a whole lot easier than that of lightening up the load of my heart. Yet, every year, every moment in the light of Italy I shed another layer around my heart that longs to only be in the light. And it is working. It is bringing me ever closer to living as radiant as I am. That is why I hope you will join me in Tuscany June 23-30, 2012. Come with me and experience the light within, and all around for yourself!

About Silvia Mordini
My Father Enrico was an adventurer, my Mother’s parents were serious spiritual seekers. I grew up traveling all over the world with my brother and parents from the time I was an infant. I guess the fact that I love to show other people the beauty of the world shouldn’t surprise anyone since I was born in Ecuador, South America and my Father is from Northern Italy near Modena, English was my third language. One could say being a citizen of the world is in my blood.

And when not traveling I’m living in Seattle sharing my loving Anusara-inspired Vinyasa Flow teaching style influenced by more than 10 years of Hatha yoga study with my three primary teachers: Shiva Rea, John Friend, and my students. My teaching intention is that while connected to their breath, students might feel each pose with an open heart and a quiet mind. Yoga then becomes a means to explore oneself more deeply in order to better face life’s challenges and open to the endless possibilities that exist for all of us. You can reach me at alchemytours.com or silviamordini.com

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