Costa Rica Eco-Adventure Summer Yoga Retreat – SPECIAL $450 OFF

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How do I get there?
The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is perched in the mountain jungle of Cabuya at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, only 3 miles from Costa Rica’s first National Nature Preserve, Reserva Cabo Blanco. All guests must arrive at The Sanctuary no later than 3:00pm on arrival day; please schedule your travel accordingly.

Flying In and Out of Costa Rica at San Jose International Airport

Of the two international airports in Costa Rica, San Jose International Airport (SJO) is the most convenient airport to The Sanctuary. Frequent international flights are available at this modern airport.

For your homebound travel plan at least two hours between local air and international travel.
IMPORTANT: There is a departure tax of approximately $26 at San Jose airport when you leave Costa Rica. It needs to be paid in cash (US$ or Costa Rican Colones) or with a Visa credit card at the airport on your departure day.

Traveling In and Out from San Jose to The Sanctuary

Once you have arrived in San Jose, your flight schedule may allow you to connect with a local plane to Tambor for a 25 minute flight and then a 40 minute taxi ride to The Sanctuary.
The other option is to arrange to be driven approximately 5 hours by road and ferry from San Jose to The Sanctuary.

By Land to The Sanctuary
An option to flying, prearrange land transportation from San Jose directly to The Sanctuary via roads and a ferry that crosses Nicoya Bay to the Nicoya Peninsula.
Reliable Daily Shuttles, Private Transportation, Cab Service
Sunset & Waves
Wilfredo “Pollo” Villalobos (Speaks Excellent English)
Calls from US 011 506 8335-3417
Calls within Costa Rica 8335-3417

By Air to Tambor, then Taxi to The Sanctuary
Two local airlines offer scheduled flights and charter services to Tambor at comparable rates. The flight time is approximately 25 minutes. Sansa Airlines is conveniently located adjacent to the San Jose International Airport. Nature Air is approximately 10 miles at Pavas Airport.
Sansa Air
Nature Air

After landing in Tambor, a 40 minute taxi ride will take you from the Tambor Airport to The Sanctuary at Two Rivers.

Another Reliable Taxi Service
Gilberto (Speaks Fluent English)
Calls from US 011 506 8826-9055
Calls within Costa Rica 8826-9055

Staying the Night in San Jose

Sometimes travel and weather conditions present an opportunity to stay overnight in one of the following places, all within 5 minutes from the airport.
• Melrost Bed & Breakfast (speaks English) $
• Calls from US 011 506 2431-0909
• Calls within Costa Rica 2431-0909
• Holiday Inn Express San Jose Airport $$
• Calls from US 011 506 2443-0043
• Calls within Costa Rica 2443-0043
• Doubletree Cariari San Jose $$$
• Toll free from US 1-888-535-8832 or 1-800-948-3770
• Calls within Costa Rica 2239-002

Staying the Night in Montezuma

All guests must arrive at the Sanctuary no later than 3:00pm. If this is not possible due to unpredictable travel and weather conditions, an overnight stay in the charming, neighboring town of Montezuma is the best option.

The hotels below can also arrange taxi service for their guests arriving in the Tambor Airport and taxi service from their hotel to The Sanctuary.
• Hotel El Jardin
• Calls from US 011 506 8849-8560
• Calls within Costa Rica 8849-8560
• El Sano Banano Village Hotel & Restaurant
• Calls from US 011 506 2642-0636
• Calls within Costa Rica 2642-0636

When does the retreat end?
Our time together will end with Brunch at 11am August 18, 2012

When should I plan my return flight?
Please arrange flight departures for late afternoon on August 18, 2012

Do I need a passport?
Yes a passport is required.

Can you tell me more about the yoga studio?
It features a remarkable 1200 sqft teak floor and 25ft vaulted ceiling with an open air expansiveness.

What kind of food will be provided?
Meals will be gourmet vegetarian.

What do rooms look like?
See photos in on our facebook page or on the main retreat page.

Does The Sanctuary have WiFi?
Absolutely. And it is free to guests. While they are totally “off the grid,” decent access to internet connections are found on the property. Two wireless broadband data sticks are available for this purpose. WiFi internet is located at our base camp. These services are complimentary.
The Sanctuary has cell phones for emergency use only.

Is there swimming at The Sanctuary?
Naturally! Nearby ocean and secluded waterfalls. And of course the pool on site.

Is there surfing?
Yes. Surfing is about 1,000 yards away.

What should I bring?
• Flashlight
• Headlamp (Essential!)
• River hiking shoes (Essential! Teva, Merrill, Solomon, Keene)
• Moccasins or leather-based shoes for tracking
• Flip flops or sandals
• Journal
• Swim suits
• Towel
• Reading material
• Yoga clothes, mat, and any props you use
• Camera
• Binoculars
• Sunscreen
• Bug repellent
• Sarong
• Sun hat
• Sunglasses
• Water bottle

What time are meals offered?
All meals are served in the Kitchen House–starting with the Evening Meal on arrival day and ending with the Morning Meal on departure day.
5:30am – Sunrise Tea & Toast
9:00am – Morning Meal
2:00pm – MidDay Meal
7:30pm – Light Evening Meal
Special dietary preferences need to be expressed at least two weeks prior to arrival.

Are there Wellness Services?
Our local region attracts gifted healers and therapists. They accept both dollars and colones for their services. There will be sign-up sheets upon arrival for your convenience. Wellness Services are provided in the Pool & Spa therapy rooms.


To make your reservation, go to book now page to place $500 deposit. If you have questions, please email or call 872-228-9642 (2AT-YOGA)

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica Eco-Adventure Summer Yoga Retreat – SPECIAL $450 OFF

  1. Would this beautiful yoga retreat be alright for a healhy minded gal, who does weekly 2-hour private Pilates, yet is still needing muscle tautness and, who did yoga before anyone in the early 1960s before school, but whose bones now, some don’t allow me anymore to get into certain positions…..would I be allowed at such a retreat?I
    I am quick and agile in what I do, btw. Is it for expert yogaists…..or is it also helpful instruction? Or does one have to be fit as a fiddle and extremely agile

    Obviously, I am interested, I am a very young 64-year old….no one would know. And I could benefit from such a retreat….I believe.

    Kindly, Zia


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