Learning the Hula in Hawaii

One of our most delightful group activities while on Retreat at Kalani in Hawaii is taking Hula lessons. Now I know we’ve all seen the hula on t.v. Well we can honestly tell you it’s harder than what you think. The movement of the upper body is very peaceful without any effort on the face while your lower body is moving faster with distinction. It is the Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti that already exists in all of us but now in dance form come to life.

Here is the story of the Hula and why being at Kalani Retreat Center each year near Pele is such a powerful experience for us all.

“One day Pele called to her sisters and invited them to travel with her from Kïlauea to the shore of Puna. While relaxing and fishing, Pele saw the women Höpoe and Hä‘ena dancing near the shore and asked her sisters if some of them might dance for her, but none could dance. The youngest sister, Hi‘iaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele (Hi‘iaka), had not yet joined Pele and her older sisters at the shore, as she was gathering lehua blossoms to weave into lei(garlands). When Hi‘iaka arrived, Pele inquired of her, if she might have a mele (chant) and hula (dance) with which to entertain them. Hi‘iaka said that she did (for she had befriended Höpoe and Hä‘ena and learned themele and hula), and as she adorned Pele and the other sisters with the lei lehua as she chanted to them.”

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