Cielo Rojo (Michelada) Favorite Drink in Puerto Vallarta

Here is the real deal Michelada recipe from a real Mexican bartender, Ruben. In Puerto Vallarta we introduced this to our Retreat Guests. There they call it “Cielo Rojo” Red Sky. You’ll love it! It’s like a bloody mary with corona.

*12 oz. Mexican Beer, non-dark, (Corona, Dos XX….)
*6 oz Motts Clamato
*2 dashes of premium worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins)
*2 dashes Tabasco brand hot sauce
*juice from 2 non-yellow key limes
*1 pinch coarse ground black pepper (Mcormick or from a pepper grinder)
*1 pinch sea salt

Mix all the ingredients except the beer into a shaker and shake briefly. Pour Clamato mix simultaneously with beer into a 22 oz pilsner glass with a little ice. Watch out because if you pour to fast it will foam up. Rimming the glass with celery salt is optional.

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