The Ultimate Blissful Yoga Retreat Big Island Hawaii December 11-17, 2011

During this 7- day Yoga Retreat we will simultaneously explore the wild beauty and power of the land and sea of the Big Island with an internal exploration of your equally vibrant inner landscape. This retreat is designed to take the adventurous yogi to a deeper level of self-awareness using the energetic centers in your body known as chakras. This is perfect for those who want to unblock all mental & physical barriers so they can live the best life ever!

Double Shared Bath $999
Double Private Bath $1175
Single Shared Bath $1375
Single Private Bath $1685


Yoga in Paradise means we will awaken each morning and end each day with a yoga practice designed to bring awareness and balance to each of the 7 chakras. Over the 7 days of the retreat, you will progress from your Root chakra all the way up to your Crown chakra, learning the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of each one. By the time you leave you will learn why the rights you have to feel, to love, to see, to speak will promote your ability to create the changes you want for your ife and attract the energy you want to support you.

We will be staying at the Kalani Resort, known not just because of its pristine, natural beauty but because it is only five miles away from the spectacular Volcanoes National Park, where the lava flows into the sea, constantly creating new earth. An amazing reminder that you too have the ability to keep creating your most amazing intentions.

And energized by the all the strength, vitality, and harmony you discover within, you will be ready for daily adventures on the Big Island. But, no worries there is also time to enjoy the quiet of Kalani’s gardens, to immerse yourself in the warmth of the jacuzzi, sauna, and thermal pools, and to be inspired by the dance, music, painting and sculpture of local artists. So too the people of Kalani will support your week as a celebration of aloha! Join us and we promise you will be recharged, refreshed and leave totally more inspired about your life!


Larger than all of the other islands combined, the island of Hawaii, or Hawaii’s Big Island, is vast enough to hold 11 of the world’s 13 climactic zones—from sandy beaches to snowcapped mountains. Seewaterfalls, rainforests and botanical gardens in Hilo, explore the calm and clear water off of Kona, or view Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Hawaii’s Big Island isn’t just big, it’s still growing. The Island of Hawaii is the youngest island in the Hawaiian chain and is also by far the biggest, providing a vast canvas of environments to discover a variety of unrivaled natural wonders. This is the home of one of the world’s most active volcanoes (Kilauea), the tallest sea mountain in the world at more than 33,000 feet (Maunakea), the most massive mountain in the world (Maunaloa) and the largest park in the state (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park). All but two of the world’s climate zones generate everything from lush rain forests to volcanic deserts, snow-capped mountaintops to beautiful black sand beaches. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a journey off the beaten path, you’ll discover it all on Hawaii’s Island of Adventure.

It’s easy to feel small on Hawaii’s Big Island. From the molten magma flowing from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to the snow-capped heights of Maunakea; from the green rainforests of the Hamakua Coast to the jet-black sands of Punaluu Beach; Hawaii’s Big Island is an unrivaled expression of the power of nature.

To avoid confusion with the name of the entire state, the Island of Hawaii is often called the “Big Island,” and what an appropriate name it is. Nearly twice as big as all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined, its sheer size can be intimidating. You’ll find all but two of the world’s climatic zones within this island’s shores.
The dramatic size and scope of the largest Hawaiian Island create a microcosm of environments and activities. On this island’s vast tableau, you’ll find everything from extravagant resorts and incredible golf courses to modest local towns and sacred Hawaiian historical sites, from the birthplace of King Kamehameha I to Hawaii’s first missionary church in Historic Kailua Village (Kailua-Kona). With so much to see, it’s best to experience the island in small pieces. There’s plenty of room on Hawaii’s Big Island for your return.

• 6 nights of accommodation
• 3 healthful, delicious meals per day
• Organic juices, Kona & Puna Coffees, Herbal blends, Hot & Iced teas
• 2 social hours on select evenings
• All transportation to and from airport
• 9 Yoga classes with Silvia Mordini
• Private evening Dharma talks facilitated by your Guides Jacob and Silvia
• Entrance fees to all group events
• A special goodie bag with loving gifts

Airfare to and from the trip, lodging before and/or after the trip if you are coming early or staying later, spa treatments, gratuities for your guides.

Life is exuberant on Kalani, a 120 acre organic retreat which preserves the natural heritage of fiery lava, invigorating ocean, tropical foliage and the sweet, clean air of the Northeast Trades coming across thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean, considered to be the cleanest air on earth.Yogini Superstar Shiva Rea calls Kalani “one of the most potent and nurturing retreat centers in the world.”

We will enjoy twice daily yoga and lounging at the pool, hot tub relaxations and more! We’ll dine together on Kalani’s open air lanai with fresh fish, organic vegetables and sultry desserts. Join us for a week of bliss and rejuvenation as we let go into the healing beauty of yoga in paradise.

As guests at Kalani we will be summoned by the call of the conch to dine on our open-air lanai (veranda). At this central gathering place, we will experience the daily rhythms of assembly and departure reminiscent of ancient village life.

Kalani cuisine encompasses a variety of styles including Thai, Indian, and Italian. Our chefs have extensive training and a common interest in creating healthful and delicious meals. The Chefs celebrate the abundance of Hawaii by serving local tropical fruits and vegetables and fresh caught fish. Seafood is often served at dinner (chicken and beef are served occasionally), and vegetarians are well cared for.

Most importantly, our chefs firmly believe that the care and love invested in the cuisine is transmitted to the diner, and everything is prepared with aloha.

Scrambled eggs
Oatmeal or other whole-grain hot cereal
Fresh fruit bar featuring papaya, pineapples, berries, and mangoes (as available)
Yogurt, nut and seed selection
Cereal selection featuring house-made granola
Breads, various nut butters, and organic fruit jams

Roasted eggplant sandwiches with fresh tapenade, on olive bread
Turkey, avocado and swiss sandwiches with lettuce, tomato and spicy aioli on focaccia
White bean chili
Seafood chowder
Wakame salad
Self-serve salad bar with local organic greens

Grilled balsamic-marinated ahi with smoked tomato & dill viniagrette
Mushroom-stuffed tofu with pineapple teriyaki sauce
Smashed potato & parsnips
Green beans with roasted red peppers
Jicama & sweet potato salad
Fresh fruit salad
Fresh salad bar with house-made dressings
Fresh Hawaiian mango & macadamia nut crisp

natural black sand beach (clothing optional), frequented by dolphins
Volcanoes National Park, where lava has been actively flowing since 1983
lava tube cave
tidal pools for splashing and snorkeling
natural steam baths
bays for fishing and kayaking
spectacular waterfalls
an ancient forest of lava tree molds
historic villages and farmers’ markets
botanical gardens, and anthurium and orchid farms
a portion of our island’s 175 mile ancient coastal trail has right along Kalani’s coastal frontage, that in ancient times connected our preserved heiau (temple) and halau (school) sites with other heritage places, including area villages (Kalapana, Kehena, Opihikao, Pohoiki, Kapoho) and parks (Hawaii Volcanoes NP, MacKenzie, Ahalanui thermal springs).

All of the bodyworkers at Kalani have studied a variety of modalities and offer an eclectic combination of techniques depending on your needs. All therapists are licensed and self insured independent contractors. (State license: #MAE-1816) Listed below are the various types of bodywork available at Kalani.

1. Bodywork on Land
Hawaiian Lomilomi
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue
Traditional Thai Massage
The Trager Approach
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Foot reflexology
Sports Massage
Bodywork in Water

2. Aquatic bodywork
This is performed in a skin-soothing warm water pool. Sessions consist of a series of stretches, rotations and compressions interlaced with periods of deep stillness. Aquatic bodywork offerings include:
Healing Dance
Aqua Mouvance
1 hour treatment: $90
1 1/4 hour treatment: $110
1 1/2 hour treatment: $130
2 hour treatment: $170
Bookings can be made upon arrival at Kalani. Please inquire about special offers.


How do I get there?
Fly to Hilo. Several flights are offered daily with Hawaiian Airlines (1-800-367-5320) and go! Airlines (1-888-IFLYGO2).

Where is Kalani in relation to the Hilo airport?
Kalani is only a 45 minute drive from the Hilo airport.

What is the temperature?
Kalani enjoys Hawaii’s ideal climate: light ocean breezes, sunny days, pleasant year-round temperatures (65-85°F) and occasional tropical showers.

Are there telephones available for out-going calls?
Phone lines are available in both reception areas outside Hale Aloha and inside the Guest Services building (8:00 am – 8:00 pm.)

Will my cell phone work at Kalani?
We are out of range for most cell phone networks, however there is some limited reception on the property. Guests with AT&T as their service provider seem best able to get a decent signal.

Can I check my email at Kalani?
You can check your email on a Kalani PC for an hourly fee (inquire at reception). If you have a laptop, you may use wired Ethernet lines (RJ-45 jack) available in the lounge. If you have a laptop with a wireless card, service is available in several places on property, including Hale Aloha. Usage is free, but please be aware that wireless access is limited in the jungle environment. Large downloads are strongly discouraged (No hogging the network!). Dial-up service is not available.

Will there be TV?
Accommodations are simple and comfortable, with no televisions or phones.

What do you mean by Natural Lifestyle?
Kalani is a community that celebrates life in ways that embrace a natural lifestyle. We live in harmony with the jungle environment, which means you will probably encounter harmless creatures such as spiders, geckos and mongoose. There are mosquitoes here, so we recommend that you bring a repellent spray.

What should I bring?
Sneakers/hiking shoes, a long sleeve shirt and pants (for evenings), and flip-flops, shorts, T-shirts, swimsuit, sun block, insect repellent, battery operated alarm clock, and flashlight. If participating in adventures please bring water sandals with ankle straps.

Is alcohol consumption permitted at Kalani?
Wine and beer are permitted on property, but not sold.

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