Our Green Commitment

At Alchemy Tours Jacob and I work hard to support sustainable tourism practices and eco conscious vacations. Does this make it harder sometimes to organize and plan trips? Yeah, it does. Is it worth it? Yes! Without a doubt. And the way we run our trips with these values in mind is an extension of how we live our lives. This is such an important aspect of Alchemy Tours we want you to know our commitment:

  • We have a maximum of 16 guests per trip and an average 10 people.
  • We actively communicate our values to our clients and the local operators educating them in sustainable tourism practices.
  • As a unique multi-sport tour leader we design trips that are primarily “self-propelled adventures” which means there is minimal time spent in carbon dioxide emitting vehicles (cars, buses) and more time having a great time outdoors.
  • We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by working with socially responsible suppliers and partners who care about the impact of their operations.
  • We donate a portion of all Alchemy Tours trips to Charity Water. We encourage our clients to continue making donations long beyond their time with us at Charity Water
  • We respect and care about local cultures by operating with sensitivity towards local communities.
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