Do you want to travel? Trust your choice.

Yeah, we know the “not all who wander are lost” concept. To me the best expression of trust in action is traveling. This is where I have grown the most in embracing the unknown. The hardest part is starting, just making a confident decision that you know where you want to go and then doing it. You have to trust your choice.

Then each moment of a travel adventure is trusting which way to go. It is like reading a book. You don’t know what the next page has in store for you, but you have to trust it’s even better than what you just read. So you turn the page. St Augustine said, “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” I agree. traveling is trust in motion, opening page after page and allowing for the unfolding to occur. Join us on an adventure, trust your travel choice and just book it today! Love and peace, Silvia (PS the writing below is more about trust as spiritual maturity, enjoy!)

face falling hip hop yoga arm balance

face falling hip hop yoga arm balance

May 23, 2011. Trust is an expression of Spiritual Maturity. And as none of us mature equally in all areas of our life I can honestly say my Trust evolution has always lagged behind other aspects of my maturity. As a result I have been meditating on these two questions:

  • If you knew what was going to happen to your life would you trust it to be the right thing for you?
    If you know what’s good for you do you take that action or avoid it?
  • If someone told you this is exactly what will take place in your life would you have so much trust in the goodness of life and the desire of the universe to work on your behalf that you would stop resisting? Are you at a place where you can engage this mantra with authenticity? “Through my inner trust for my life I choose to embrace the unfolding of my future.”

    What I struggle with the most is that Trust is about the future and those things we don’t know are going to happen in the way we want them to happen. I want proof it’s going to work out before I make the effort. We’ve all been in that love relationship where we say to ourselves, “will they always love me”? And there is no guarantee all one can do is trust the love one feels right now. And ultimately trust is about LOVE. Dr Joyce Brothers says “the best proof of Love is trust.” Life wants us to love more but loving more means first we must trust more.

    So if you take the second question, if you know what’s good for your life why do we so often avoid doing what’s best for ourselves? Why do we avoid the TRUTH? Every day we get opportunities to do the best thing for us and we know what that is and yet we ignore it or choose even the worst thing. I believe trust begins with believing in ourselves first and foremost. Shakespeare said, “Learning to trust ourselves is a worthy practice, the practice of authenticity. This is the work of aligning the standards we have for ourselves with our deepest passions and dreams.” Starting now do not give up your dreams, trust your intentions and stay the course.

    No matter what you relationship with trust today, lets strengthen our effort to try to trust more situations, people and things. And trust the unfolding of the rest of our lives. Let the door of life open to you.

    The door of happiness does not open away from us:
    We cannot rush at it to push it open.
    It opens toward us and,
    Therefore, nothing is required of us.
    (Soren Kierkegaard)

    Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

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