Fun Theory means a Win-Win: No Pushing or Pulling

March 23, 2011.  Wishing you a day of effortless effort where you are not feeling pulled or pushed. And a day where you aren’t the one doing the pushing or pulling. I know from experience every time you push your partner, he or she will pull back and when we try to pull at them to stay longer they will then push away. It’s the win-lose scenario of dualism.  Imagine how strong a person has to be that when you push them they don’t react to your pushing while at the same time being careful not to overcompensate for the initial push all in effort to come back into balance.  Whew! That’s not fun.

But when we follow the lead of our breath and stop pushing and pulling at the people in our lives it all makes for living a life of delight.  It is fun.

We practice on the mat to recognize Pushing and Pulling, Dvesa and Raga, so we can live better off the mat.  Take to heart the words of Judith Lasater who writes, “in life we are pulled between trying to get what you want and trying to avoid what you don’t want.  Pulling and Pushing away both limit our freedom.” What is freedom? To me is about learning to BE happy with the playful side of life. It’s so simple, if you want FUN in your practice you have to put FUN into it. If you want FUN in your life you have to stop pushing and pulling. We learned it in kindergarten and it all still applies.

This concept is from the Yoga Sutras:

Yoga Sutras Chapter 2, Verse 7

Excessive fondness for pleasant experiences causes longing.  Attachment (Raga) which is PULLING

Yoga Sutras Chapter 2, Verse 8

Excessive avoidance of unpleasant experiences causes disdain.  Aversion (Dvesa) which is PUSHING

On and off the mat we can be aware of what we are thinking:

Where are your thoughts PUSH energy.  Push thoughts are things like “I don’t want to hold this pose, I don’t want to try this new or difficult variation”.

Where are your thoughts PULL energy.  And pull thoughts might be things like “I want another Sun Salutation, I should be able to do 35 vinyasas per class no matter what. Bring on side 2, I’ll take it on.”

Maybe that’s why I appreciate the website The site is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as FUN is the

easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better. Fun Theory asks us to think about why don’t we do more of the things that we know are good for us?  And suggests that if we make those things fun can we get change our behavior. (You should know this initiative is sponsored by Volkswagen.) Go to their website to see how they got folks to take the stairs instead of the escalator and other playfully brilliant examples! Caution this site will make you SMILE.

When we aren’t pushing away positive change our pulling at it either we remain on easy speed and Fun Theory works in our favor which is always Win-Win.  Life is Win-Win (at least when we stop pushing and pulling). Try it and see!  Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia


Rainbow Connection, Muppets

Korean Dogwood, Devendra Banhart

Cold Wind, Arcade Frie

Queen Bee, Devendra Banhart

Days Go By (Acoustic), Dirty Vegas

Rise, Eddie Vedder

Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones

Just Can’t Get Enough, Depeche Mode

Stuck in the Middle with You, Stealers Wheel

Say You Love Me, Fleetwood Mac

Fix, Jack Johnson

Come Out To Play, UB40

Pass the Dutchie, Musical Youth

Lively Up Yourself, Bob Marley

Freedom, George Michael

No Rest for the Weary, Blue Scholars

Lakshmi, Girish, Donna Delory, Greg Leisz & Georges Lamman

Faust Arp, Radiohead

Ocean Breathes Salty, Sun Kil Moon

Sitara Dreams, Rasa

Ahimsa, Baird Hersey & Prana

PS. Come experience Fun Theory while on retreat with us in 2011!


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