Are you Growing? A test of Spiritual Growth

I often ask myself what is the true test of my Spiritual Growth? Or more simply put I meditate on the question “Am I still growing?” When I was little my Mom measured us (me and my brother) against the door in our house and marked the little lines proving I was actually growing physically. You did that too, right? Well, I loved that. I was sad the day she stopped doing it and I stopped growing.

Well that’s speaking to physical growth. I am as tall as I’m going to be (although to be honest by practicing yoga I’ve gotten a little taller, just a quarter inch but that’s pretty cool).

However what I’m speaking about is emotional and spiritual growth. My aspiration continues to be that I grow into the BEST version of myself. And that’s what I hope for you too.

Or as True Nobility is defined: it is not about being better than anyone else, it is about being better than you used to be, much better. This is the barometer of our ability to raise our spiritual energy. Are you better than you used to be? Are you growing?

“The only difference between a flower that is alive and one that is dead is that the live flower is still growing.” Dr Wayne Dyer

For me I received so much nourishment, like a flower, from my daily yoga practice that I wanted more. That’s when I started taking yoga workshops: first they were the 2 hour kind, then the half day, then the full day, finally entire weekends both locally and eventually I started traveling all over the U.S to attend 2-3 day trainings and workshops until I went all the way by signing up for a one week yoga retreat in Italy with Sadie Nardini. Well that did it for me. I could experience for myself that to keep growing I had to keep investing in myself and more time dedicated to evolving my consciousness was required to do that. And traveling to new places and exploring new territories externally matched the growth I was making internally. They went hand in hand.

And that’s when I made the commitment to start leading yoga retreats combined with other ways to express one’s yoga and vitality like cycling and hiking. I want to give everyone a chance to really invest in your own growth and raise your energy by visiting places that support your evolution.

You see, until the last breath, I don’t buy into wellness as defined by the AMA as the “absence of illness”. I believe in the potential for radiant health (shakti) as the World Health Organization defines wellness. I am growing! And I am learning. And the higher my vibration the softer I get on the outside. I am kinder, more patient, nicer and easily more loving. I think we all are when we’re growing. So make that commitment to yourself keep affirming your life! Love yourself, love your day, love your life, Silvia

In the words of Lao Tzu,

“At birth all people are soft and yielding

At death they are hard and stiff

All green plants are tender and yielding

At death they are brittle and dry

When hard and rigid we consort with death

When soft and flexible we Affirm Greater Life.”

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