Through Earth we find Heaven

February 22, 2011. Michelangelo said, “My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness.” There are places where I have personally experienced what he is expressing in words. Two of those places are Moab, Utah and Tuscany, Italy. The EARTH element is so strong there. The healing that takes place is incredible! I am called to heal or remain healed by returning to these places annually.

You see we all willingly or unwillingly pick up negative energies. The definition of Negative Energy is blocked or excess energy that needs toflow. Examples of negative energy include stress, frustration, anxiety or anger. Depression is feeling negativity but being unable to decharge that. Nature makes you feel closer to Universal Source Energy, because Source energy is flowing in nature. Nature can heal you!

Once you’ve you want to heal and experience heaven on earth then you can use the Earth element to decharge the negative vibrations. A good way of decharging using the Earth element is to go out to where you feel the grounding force of earth energy the strongest such as Moab or Tuscany. If you are stuck indoors then take a plant, point your fingers near it and say the mantra, “Oh Spirit, my heart is open to you, please come. I know you are in this plant. Please use this plant to decharge my negative energy. Thank you”. Do this for about 15 minutes.

Depression, anxiety and stress will flow out of your fingertips into the Earth. As you do this and repeat the mantra a lifetimes worth of negativity may flow out. You have a second chakra in each fingertip for giving or sending out energy. Don’t worry about the plant or the Earth. The plant representing the earth takes this energy and uses it in a positive way. It’s not bad for the plant in any way. Having a channel to the Earth brings huge peace and happiness. Although you may have problems you no longer care about them. The Earth also helps open your heart. It allows you to live on Earth happily. The Earth radiates huge energy and can magnify any type of emotion. When you purify the Earth element in you, the magnetism of the Earth will automatically suck out your negative energy.

Or meditate on this poem below or use this form of lovingkindness meditation to tap into the healing energy of the Earth element. And of course, join us in Moab April 16-19, 2011 or Oct 28-31 or Tuscany June 19-25 and Oct 16-22, 2011. Ah love, ah earth! Peace in all ways, Silvia

Let us bless the imagination of the Earth. That knew early the patience to harness the mind of time, waited for the seas to warm, ready to welcome the

emergence of things dreaming of voyaging among the stillness of land. And how light knew to nurse the growth until the face of the earth brightened beneath a vision of color. Let us thank the earth that offers ground for home and holds our feet firm to walk in space open to infinite galaxies. Let us salute the silence and certainty of mountains their sublime stillness their dream-filled hearts. The humility of earth that transfigures all that has fallen of outlived growth. The kindness of earth, opening to receive our forms into the final stillness.”

    Earth Lovingkindness Meditation

Say this to yourself:
May I be safe. May I be peaceful.
May the earth be safe. May the earth be peaceful.
May all people everywhere be safe and peaceful.
May all creatures everywhere be safe and peaceful.
May we feel our deep connection to the earth. May the earth feel honored and loved by us.

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