Moab Musings from Michael Young

At Alchemy Tours we love to invite our clients, friends to share their own thoughts on our trips. Here is a neat 3 point summary from Michael Young about his experience November 4-7, 2010. Enjoy!

Michael Young writes, “What can I say:
I’m not one to take on a trip like this…I thought I’d rather be on a desert island sipping pina coladas, enjoying the sun and water, then food sleep and whatever. To my surprise and after many second thought excuses I decided to head to Moab with family members Jake and Nathan.

    My description is this:

1st I was shocked at the high level of bonding I did with my sons, but more so with my fellow Moabiters whom I never knew before the trip. Experiencing close encounters with situations that you normally don’t come across, beautiful scenery, and chill factors that can make you think twice before trying it out.

2nd this was a trip of first for me: going on a mountain bike up and down a rock slope, climbing cracks, crevices and ridges, hiking and enjoying wonderful preselected hot spots to visit.

3rd the Yoga was awesome and secretly I had ideas that it was for wimps….ugghhhh was I wrong! It was the first time I had done Yoga with an instructor.

This is the greatest exercise that can be. Our instructor/teacher was incredible! I stretched, sweat, and was soothed from this ancient exercise. What a fantastic learning experience overall.

I would do this again in a heartbeat.
Thanks to Alchemy Tours and fellow Moabites! Love You!”

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