Salt Water Heals Anything

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.”
–Isak Dinesen

February 8, 2011.  I have found great healing both on and off the yoga mat, on a bike,  trail running both sweating and crying at the same time.  Maybe that makes the cure of salt water even more efficient? I find the same benefits from sweat and tears as a I do when I visit the ocean.

There is something that transforms itself from the inside out.  I leave the sea feeling cleansed and ever more hopeful.  I would love for you to have this same healing experienced.  Come experience the cure of 7 days of yoga, living looking out at the sea, playing in the water, walking the sandy beaches at Xinalani February 26 – March 5, 2011.

Your time is now to promote your own healing. There is no good that comes from postponing the cure and I speak of this from experience. With no regrets, just a suggestion I wish I would have followed sooner, invest in your own healing. The cure is always within your power to choose! Love yourself, love you day, love your life! Silvia  ( to join me for regular yoga classes)

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