Losing the Past Opens the Future

February 2, 2011. Losing the Past Opens the Future. It is such a simple statement and rolls up yogic philosophy so easily….and yet not always that easy to put into practice. Our humanness boasts to us in little mental self talk that of course we can rewrite the past! Why wouldn’t we be able to? But we intellectually know we cannot. And until we surrender to our own letting go known as vairagya we cannot fully welcome the best future of ourselves.

The past and the future energies cannot fully occupy the same exact space. How or what happened yesterday is done. All we have now is this moment and the intentions for the next moments. Replaying things past only clutters our minds, leaks our energies and prevents us from engaging life right now. Through physical practice we let go of the old stories stored in the tissues of hurts, frustrations, disappointments and clear the way for our best experiences. And yoga works all day long mentally and emotionally to help remind us to lose the past, whether pleasant or unpleasant, so the world opens us up to the most magnificent future.

It is up to us not to hold ourselves back, to not remain stuck, but to create the space by letting go that opens the future.

I work on this everyday and I’ve experienced amazing results. it is still often very hard and sometimes easier but nevertheless always really powerful in letting grace and love flow towards my open heart. I wish for all us to find the courage to lose the past, and open to your future. Your BEST life ever. Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

PS If you feel like you would benefit from more dedicated time to do the serious work of letting go (losing the past) then join me on an upcoming yoga retreat in Mexico, Moab, Italy, Washington, California, Colorado, and more!

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