Prana del Mar Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Rejuvenation Retreat Nov 30-Dec 7, 2013

Prana del Mar, Cabo San Lucas Eco-Retreat | Spanda & Surrender: Seeking the light, unlearning our obstacles
November 30-December 7, 2013

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Sun & Fun

Get some SUN & FUN Save $200
Join Alchemy Tours Feb 26-March 5, 2011, LIMIT 12 students – only 6 spots remaining. Register by Jan 15th. Xinalani is brand new eco-chic-spa all suites, all ocean front resort. It is in Puerto Vallarta Mexico accessed only by boat off the coast of Banderas Bay, only 12 miles south of the airport on 10 acres of unspoiled jungle with a beautiful pristine beach where you will enjoy a relaxing break between your 14 yoga classes so you can go swimming, snorkeling, sunbathe, take a walk in the soft sand as you explore yourself.

Xinalani Mexico Luxury Growth & Gratitude Yoga Retreat

Hot Yoga Eco Retreat | Xinalani, Puerto Vallarta
November 26 – December 1, 2011

Rejuvenate with us in paradise, and leave the world behind you on our private, luxury, active beach retreat. Your journey will include 2 yoga classes each day (one hot yoga session, and one in the outdoor jungle studio). Vibrant, gourmet vegetarian cuisine will keep you fueled. There will be ample space for rest, reflection, adventure and community connection. Explore the land and culture through surfing, watersports, jungle hikes, horseback riding, bird/whale watching and more.

It is an eco-chic spa hotel, hidden on a pristine beach surrounded by a luxuriant jungle on the south shore of Banderas Bay, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Conceived as a tropical haven to host group wellness retreats, Xinalani is a place filled with serenity that shelters individuals in their search for a more balanced life style. It is a private, all suites hotel where each guest can feel the intimate closeness to the natural elements, and receive a well-deserved personal attention. The name Xinalani comes from the Nahuatl Xinalani that means seed. It is pronounced shee-nah-lah-nee. It embodies the vision of transformation from the experiences and teachings from our past into the great potential of our future. On this 6 day trip you will:


  • Integrate Spirit and Nature as you practice yoga, and experience truly stunning eco-discoveries, play and meditate with a group dedicated to doing the same.
  • Enjoy exceptional yoga, hiking, eco-adventures and camaraderie, connecting with pristine beaches, organic food, relaxing jungle spa treatments, all designed to help you spiritualize every aspect of your life!
  • Recharge, refresh and renew, leaving totally more inspired about your life!



Petite Suites (387 Sq Feet)
Single: $1300
Double: $925

Eco-Chic Suites (650 Sq feet)
Single: $1675
Double: $1050

Big Palapa (880 Sq feet): $750




• 5 nights of accommodation at Xinalani Retreat
• 3 complete gourmet vegetarian meals per day. The chef, Shakti, is an expert in ayurveda cuisine and macrobiotics.
• A social hour on select evenings
• 9 Yoga classes with Silvia Mordini
• Two workshops with Silvia Mordini & Jacob Young including Acro-Yoga
• Sunset Yoga Ceremony
• Guided Jungle Hiking
• Private Dharma talks facilitated by your Guides
• A special gift


Airfare to and from the trip, transfer from and to the airport, daily excursions, gratuities for your guides, and hotel gratuities.


Gratuities for your guides may be given at your discretion in response to their leadership and professionalism throughout the trip. We suggest 5-10% of the trip price per individual to be divided between the guiding team as an industry standard.


You can pay a $500 deposit with check, direct bank deposit, credit card, or Paypal. Contact us at or call if we can answer any questions.






Living Xinalani

We have chosen for this retreat to stay at a one of its kind eco-resort named Xinalani because we fully believe Xinalani supports our guests on their search for mind-body balance better allows us to facilitate the setting of intentions so each person leaves more focused and open hearted to realize their full human potential. The name Xinalani comes from the Nauatl Xinaloani that means «seed». It is pronounced shee-nah-lah-nee. It embodies the shared vision that this world could be better if everybody planted and grew a seed inside themselves and let love blossom around it. We look forward to your registration! You are in excellent hands!

Low Impact Living

All guests accomodations have low consumption lights (LEDS) and are equipped with two outlets to reload cell phones and camera batteries. Our construction method was extremely organic. No concrete, no land modification. We never cut a single tree and hardly pruned any branches. We promote an intelligent use of resources. All guests are provided with high-end eco-friendly soaps and shampoo. Toilets are low-flow, and all water is recycled and used to irrigate our gardens. We use natural and biodegradable cleaning products, we recycle and compost wherever possible in an attempt to minimize our environmental impact.

Yoga Studio

Come and enjoy our unique 1,302 sq ft yoga deck set uphill amidst the deep jungle vegetation. It can comfortably hold up to 40 students. With a panoramic view to the jungle and ocean you’ll feel your practice inspired! And enjoy a HOT YOGA studio, heated just like you like it at your home studio.  We’ll use both!

Healthy Natural Cuisine

Xinalani cuisine is gourmet vegetarian and may or may not include fresh fish and seafood. The chef is well versed into principles of raw food, ayurveda cuisine and macrobiotics if you need special adaptations.

Spa An array of treatments, massages and facials will help you relax, detox, heal, and reach a greater sense of mind- body balance through your stay.


All the accommodations are beachfront, spacious, palm-thatched cabins floating on stilts. They were designed with refined elegance and built and furnished by local artisans. Their cozy interiors inspire feelings of calm and serenity. You will enjoy the closeness of the natural elements, the stimulation of the open-air private showers and the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean from your terrace.


8:00am – 9:00am Breakfast
9:30am – 11am Vinyasa flow yoga
11am – 12pm Yoga clinics, mini workshops
12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch
1:30pm – 5:30pm Daytime Fun (Beach, Spa, Hiking, & More)
6:00pm – 7:00pm Vinyasa flow yoga and meditation
8:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Dharma talks


Upon arriving at Puerto Vallarta International airport there are two forms of transportation to the resort. One is VIP service and the other is by taxi.

You will need to arrive by 3pm on November 26 at Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR). Our first yoga class will be at 6pm that first evening followed by dinner.

Xinalani is located about 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta Airport. It is only accessible by boat. There are two ways to get to the resort from the airport, you can let Xinalani coordinate your transfer which is highly recommended or you can make your own way by taxi as described below.

Xinalani can arrange a personalized special service for guests who want to be escorted from the airport to the resort. If you hire this service, you will be:
– Greeted at the airport by a hostess
– Transfered by taxi or van to the pier (Marina Vallarta or Boca de Tomatlan depending on the weather)
– Transfered by boat to the resort
– Your bags will be carried up to your room

The cost is $100 US per person round trip (ie the fee covers both ways, from the airport to Xinalani and back to the airport).

To make a reservation, please email your itinerary to
The cost will be charged to your room, don’t pay the drivers.

After landing at Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR) you may get a taxi.

Go to one of the three official taxi booths in the airport and book a cab to “Boca de Tomatlán Pier”. You should pay at the counter and receive a ticket that you will have to give to the cab driver.

Sit back and relax. Average cab ride from PVR to Boca de Tomatlán: 45-50 min

When approaching destination, tell the cab driver to drop you off at the pier (“al muelle por favor” in spanish, pronounce ” al mooh-A-yeah por favor”)

Wait at the pier, or sit down at one of the restaurants on the beach and enjoy a drink while waiting.
A panga (Spanish for small fisherman boat) called “Xinalani” will pick you up on the documented schedule.

Panga pick-up schedule:
Mon-Fri: 4:30 PM // 6:30 PM
Sat: 2:00 PM // 4:30 PM // 6:30 PM
Sun: 10:00 AM // 2:00 PM // 4:30 PM // 6:30 PM
Time & Cost:
– 12 min boat ride
– $20 USD per person round trip

During your stay at Xinalani, you will be asked to confirm your departure flight information. Our hostess will then give your panga schedule. Guests that came on their own will be driven back to Boca de Tomatlán. Guests that opted for the VIP Transfer will be taken back to the airport via the Marina (boat ride: 30 min + cab ride: 10 min) We will arrive at the airport by 2pm on Dec 1st.


Where is the yoga space?
The yoga space is a 1,300 sq ft palm thatched room set on top of the hill. A short rejuvenating walk in the jungle will take you there, and warm you up before practice.

How many people fit in the Open Yoga Studio?
The Yoga Studio can host comfortably up to 40 people.

Is the yoga space totally open?
The Jungle Yoga Studio has 4 walls built for handstand and headstand asana practice. The corners of the room are open to the elements, to enjoy the beauty of the jungle and the ocean while practicing. However, no risk of falling thanks to the wooden railing.

How many people fit in the Hot Yoga Studio?
The heated Hot Yoga Studio can host comfortably up to 25 people.

Is the yoga space totally closed?
The Hot Yoga Studio is an enclosed building with panoramic views of the ocean.

Do you have mats, props, etc?
The Yoga studio has a wide array of sticky yoga mats, as well as blankets, blocks, stripes, meditation cushions, and chairs.

Do I need to bring my yoga mat?
It is up to you, mats will be available.


Is the beach swimmable? Is it safe to swim?
Yes the beach is swimmable and safe.

Is the beach sandy or rocky?
We are very fortunate at Xinalani because we have immediate access to two wonderful beaches. The one in front of the resort has both sand and great inspiring animal-shaped rocks. It also has private natural coves.
 The other beach on the left-hand side when facing the ocean is pure sand. That beach gets a very nice surf break in the winter, surfers enjoy that beach a lot.

Are there long chairs and umbrellas on the beach?
Yes, Xinalani has a nice beach club with long chairs, and umbrellas. Ask our waiters for the Bar Menu, and enjoy our special cocktails, while relaxing.


We need animal protein; we like to eat meat, is that possible at Xinalani?
Yes, if advised with enough anticipation, we can include chicken in your menu, as well as fresh fish, and seafood, or even red meat if you like. Please note that there might be a supplement.

We are vegan, raw foodist, etc? How’s your menu?
Although we try to cater to mainstream yogis (vegetarian, vegan, raw, live superfoods), the food is totally adaptable to our guest’s needs, please send us your specifics at least two weeks before your arrival.
Ask us for a sample of our Menu to have an idea of what we cook.

I’m allergic to gluten, mushrooms, peanuts, etc..
We can help you, let us know of your food allergy 2 weeks at least before your arrival to the retreat, and we’ll make sure your diet restrictions will be catered to.

Is there electricity in the rooms?
Yes, all rooms have very low consumption LED spots that give a nice dim ambar lighting at night time, there’s also a reading area.
There are two 110 V outlets to plug cameras, cell phones and battery chargers. Xinalani does not allow the use of hair dryers or other high intensity electric devices that could damage the electric installation.

Do rooms all have their own bathroom?
Yes, all rooms have their own bathroom, the Big Palapa (dorm) has two bathrooms.

Can I use my own soap and shampoo?
In an eco-friendly effort, we recycle all water for irrigation so we kindly ask you to use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos. The ones we provide you with are all organic and biodegradable.


What’s the weather like?
If you wish to know the average temperatures and rain statistics, please visit this page: Or run a Google search with the words Weather+Puerto+Vallarta


What about bugs and mosquitoes?
There are very little bugs and mosquitoes (except during the rain season which is July to September). If you are worried about bugs, rest assured that you will feel protected at night by the splendid veils on top of the beds. Most public areas at night are lighten by lemongrass candles that repel bugs, and if you need an extra protection, you can purchase eco-friendly mosquito repellent from our boutique.


What is the cost of massages?
From $70 to $130

What other activities are available at the resort and what are their costs?
There’s a wide array of activities available from the resort, surfing, snorkeling, eco-discovery boat excursions to remote beaches and islands, or simply lying on the beach. The prices for activities are around $50 per person

Do you have wine on the property or do we have to bring our own?
Yes, we serve wine, beer, and a selection of delicious fresh hand shaken, stirred or mixed cocktails.

How’s the surf?
Quimixto is a very nice left surf break, perfect for intermediate riders.
To get frequently updated surf reports and swell statistics, please visit or any other qualified swell forecast website.

What else do I need to bring?
We recommend you bring a camera, a journal, toiletries, an extra pair of contacts if you wear them, sunglasses and sunscreen. For hiking, be sure to have a lightweight backpack to carry your personal belongings.



Xinalani Nov 26-Dec 1, 2011
Deposit for one person $500.00 Deposit for two people $1,000.00 Petite Suite Single $1,300.00 Petite Suite Double per person $925.00 Eco-Chic Suite Single $1,675.00 Eco-Chic Suite Double per person $1,050.00 Eco-Chic Suite Triple $850.00 Eco-Chic Suite Quadruple $750.00