Yoga Poses Great for Cycling

I love being on two wheels and can’t wait to spend even more time there. And one of the things I’ve learned are some key yoga poses that relieve the tenderness of back discomfort after cycling. Here are some of my favorites. And during our multisport trips know that all of the yoga we do supports the preparation of muscle groups used in Mountain Biking or Cycling or HIking or Kayaking. Whatever we plan to do we align the yoga to make it easier. Enjoy! Peace in all ways, Silvia

The Benefits of Key Poses For Cyclists:

  1. Standing Hip Circles – Loosens low back and hips, Strengthens back
  2. Squatting – Opens the pelvis, Stretches hips and lower back, Tones abs, Stretches feet
  3. Kneeling Low Lunge –Stretches hip flexors, Relieves low back pain, Stretches thigh muscles
  4. Cat/Puppy – Increases suppleness of spine, Stretches muscles of the back & neck, Improves posture
  5. Child’s Pose – Relaxes the back & neck, Stretches the spine, Provides a gentle massage to abdominal organs
  6. Cobra – Strengthens the back, Tones the buttocks, Stretches the chest and abdomen, Increases circulation
  7. Knee to Chest – Stretches Lower Back
  8. Spinal Twist – Strengthens abdominal muscles, stretches hips
  9. Bridge (And Pelvic Tilts) – Looses muscles of the low back, Strengthens abs

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