Yoga in nature By Guest Blogger LeAnn Kennedy Lockhart

Hey this is Silvia, I received this beautiful bit of prose from my student, friend, teacher trainee LeAnn and wanted to share it with you. It is really one of the most wonderful aspects of Alchemy Tours – we get to try our yoga off the mat too! Here is her expression. And don’t forget join us anytime, anywhere in the world! Peace in all ways, Silvia

Today I took My yoga practice outside. With my dog in hand ,both of us set out on an adventure. Luckily I live not to far from a beautifully wooded era,with a sweet Creek that runs through it. So that is were we found ourselves me and my dog Roxie. I decided to take my practice to the next level,NO MAT.So in my bare feet I found myself twisting and turning,flowing like a bird on an old tree that had fallen down. And as I stood in mountain pose I found a strength, an inner high as if my body had grown tall tree limbs,and as the wind kissed my skin,I felt as if I were that tree that had once stood tall The light inside me grew stronger .So now I was balancing on this old tree using its limbs as props . The clean fresh air filled up my soul. And so that 30 mins turned into a full on retreat an adventure.

So I guess what I am trying to say is be adventurous . Take your practice to the next level of excitment. Stand on that tree laying down the hill, life doesn’t have to be flat. Infact we all know life is full of ups down. Life is what you make of it . Let your feet get a little cold because you decided to you wanted feel the trees heart beat in your feet,grounding you,and let you also feel the adventure of gripping your feet on the edge. Taking that chance,taking that risk. So be grounded first so you are safe,and then you can spread your wings and fly in the cool breeze.

So if Mother Nature is calling you like she did me today,take that 15 to 30 mins and venture out . Let your fierce warrior heart be smothered by mother natures calling, Light and love LeAnn

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