AT Clients: Michael Young

At Alchemy Tours we love to invite our clients, friends to share their own thoughts on our trips. Here is a neat 3 point summary from Michael Young about his experience November 4-7, 2010. Enjoy!

Michael Young writes, “What can I say:
I’m not one to take on a trip like this…I thought I’d rather be on a desert island sipping pina coladas, enjoying the sun and water, then food sleep and whatever.
To my surprise and after many second thought excuses -I decided to head to Moab with family memebers Jake and Nathan.

My description is this:1st I was shocked at the high level of bonding I did with my sons,but more so with my fellow Moabiters whom I never knew. Experiencing close encounters with situations that you normally don’t come across,beautiful scenery,and chill factors that can make you think twice before trying it out.

2nd this was a trip of first for me: going on a mountain bike up and down a rock slope,climbing cracks, crevices and ridges, hiking and enjoying wonderful preselected hot spots to visit.

3rdly the Yoga was awesome and secretly I had ideas that it was for wimps….ugghhhh was I wrong! It was the first time I had done Yoga with an instructor.

This is the greatest exercise that can be. Our instructor/teacher was incredible-I wanted to take her home for private instruction to my wife & I. I stretched,sweat, and was soothed from this ancient exercise. What a fantastic learning experience overall.

I would do this again in a heartbeat.
Thanks to Alchemy Tours and fellow Moabites! Love You!”

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