Whereever you go, There you are

[pullquote]”Whilst on a lonely beach in Tasmania, three days hike away from any form of civilization, alone,Brent Morton had an epiphany: “No matter where I travel, however far away I get from civilization, how high of mountains I climb, one thing always remains the same: Me.” This began a 180 degree shift from exploring the physical world to a deep systematic journey into the inner world, which has continued intensively to the present day.” – Brent Morton[/pullquote]

These are the words of a lovely teacher I have just met. It speaks to so much of what I hope this practice brings to light for you sooner rather than later. However, the difficult part of exploring the inner world and taking this inward journey of self-exploration is making time. And when we are in our day to day world of grocery shopping, laundry, working, oil changes it’s hard to make that time. Yes, it is hard. So for me the catalyst for inner change has often come as a result of traveling somewhere (maybe not as far as Tasmania!) but someplace where I could feel time as BIG. And in that space, the changes in my outer world would almost force me, encourage me to go inside. So here I am writing this from far away as each day I have my ecology of mind refreshed and look at ME. No excuses, nothing more to do but see who I am and why I am.

The longer my days, the more I find myself wanting to help others to do this too. To facilitate inner healing and self knowledge by traveling away from the old paradigms even if for just 4 days or a week. Join me in Tuscany or Moab or Pagosa Springs or Hawaii or Haramara Puerto Vallarta this December.

Love yourself, Know thyself.
Peace out, Silvia
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